Positive Insight is Delhi – NCR’s leading mental health Organization.

We help you uncover the essence of your life to create powerful and compelling psychological well being.

What we do

One of the most well-known platforms for quality counselling, Psychotherapy and psychology internships and courses. Our team of professionals will assist you in locating the most appropriate offline and online counselling and training programs to match your requirements.

Dedicated Team

We presume that mentoring goes a long way in choosing the right career path and training. Our mentors are not only well qualified and experienced in the field of Psychology but also motivated and keen to organize exemplary training to help you excel in all areas of your lives

Committed to Excellence

Our main goal is to grasp the quest for greatness through workshops & different courses. We urge our understudies to think critically, and put accentuation on the learning cycle through understanding over repetition & retention

Brand Story

Positive Insight one of the brands pioneering a change in how people perceive and participate with therapy and training programs in the sector. We present a refreshing and on-demand approach to mental healthcare and training for today’s mobile-friendly society with its virtual platform along with face to face sessions & opportunities. Ensuring  access to millions of people all across the world. We are here to build a positive psychological well-being through raising the quality ingredient of one self.

Founders message

When I was doing my studies, we never had an exposure of internships and its practicality, it was just textbooks. I was always fascinated by the cases shared with us from our professors and always wanted to work with clients or at least observe them while studying the subject of psychology. This idea of lack of practical exposure made me to work towards a platform wherein we can provide the young budding psychologist or mental health professionals with an opportunity wherein they can observe and see the practicality of what we usually learn through our textbooks, which again can give them an immense understanding about the concept which can further help them to choose an appropriate path for themselves.

The well-being of an individual is a primary purpose of an organization. Positive Insight is one stop place wherein you can choose from various programs offered for training purpose and you can choose to avail a session with our therapist, because You matter!

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Don’t just take our word for it

The feelings of being at loss of purpose, not having loved ones, not being understood by anyone is something that surrounded my entire thought processes before I finally decided to do something about it and seek sessions from Kamna Ma’am. My day usually consisted of waking up to thoughts of harming myself, not being good enough, drowning in the ocean of shame and giving up. Kamna mam counselled me, she was never a friend, she never made me dependent on her, but she was always there to provide me guidance when I lost my way. I gained perspective and clarity; above all I gained confidence to build my own peace. She was patient, empathetic and trustworthy. A perfect door to knock on for when I was in need. To all the strugglers, I’ll say, you are worth saving, just know to ask help and you shall receive it.


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