Month: March 2022

Career counseling 

Vocational counseling alludes to advising anyone who seeks help to pick a fitting profession dependent on their inclinations, abilities, and capacities. The chief objective of vocation guiding is to help students pick a field that supplements their capacities and abilities the most. In other words, it is a field that aims to help students to … Read more


Polyamory comes from the Greek word; poly means “many” and the Latin word amour “love”. In simpler terms, it is defined as the practice to have more than one person in an intimate relationship with the consent of each partner involved in a relationship. In other words, it is defined as a “liberal, genuine, capable, … Read more


In layman’s terms, resilience is defined as “the ability to bounce back or ability to overcome difficulties”. Most people think that being resilient means that a person doesn’t feel the pain brought by hardships. It is the completely wrong meaning of resilience. Those who are resilient feel pain or stress brought by hardships but they … Read more