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Don’t bother looking up the meaning of our name on the internet; only we know how we came up with it! Positive Insight is made up of two words: “Positive,” which denotes optimism and hope, and “Insight,” which means clarity and understanding of oneself and others.

Our discovery process

We began our journey in 2019, and since then, we have achieved a number of milestones. Positive Insight  is pleased to announce that the Government of India has recognized  it as a start-up. We are also pleased to say that in the last two years, we have successfully performed over 200 events and served over 2000 satisfied clients.






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Our Vision

Our company was founded with the goal of increasing awareness toward the nation’s mental health situation.

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote a supportive psychosocial culture through workshops, courses, and other events

Why Choose Us

Provides a diverse choice of courses and programmes from which to choose, allowing individuals to advance professionally. Join us for an all-encompassing programme, and we’ll make sure you gain hands-on experience and exploration in the field of psychology to help you decide on your future professional path.

  • So far, we’ve had 2000+ happy attendees globally and 200+ successful training programs  and seminars. Join us on our quest and get the opportunity to define your future with our experts.
  • Upon successful completion of the programme, we provide certificates of participation and letters of internship to our students. Students are also given letters of recommendations for performing exceptionally throughout the program.   
  • We have a board of trained and experienced professionals who believe that learning is the cornerstone for success. With our experts be assured and start your learning journey.

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